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Dora Dallwitz is an artist, artistic director, and archivist who has been working on her own sculpture practice (links below) for over thirty years and with the Ara Irititja Project since 1998. Dora completed her Master of Visual Arts in 1993. She has extensive practical experience, participating in an arts collective and in managing artistic production and exhibition spaces - including studios, gallery, and website. Dora has traveled extensively throughout the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, and in her twelve years at Ara Irititja has overseen the archival management of thousands of fragile document pages, historic films, photographs, and sound recordings, and has participated actively in the development of culturally-relevant archival procedures. Dora is committed to notions of Australian identity, feminist and postmodern theory, and the preservation of narrative as a necessary process in the shaping of culture.